Los Angeles Metro Capital Program Management Best Practices

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Julie Owen
Sean Regan 
· Published on:July 23, 2021

Los Angeles County is the world’s nineteenth largest economy and home to 10.1 million people and growing.  Recent infrastructure investment initiatives have committed $160B to Los Angeles Metro for transportation upgrades.  Adding further pressure to the timely delivery of these transportation improvements, Los Angeles was chosen to host the 2028 Olympics.

Large capital investments (mega projects >$1B) can involve higher risk of delayed projects and cost overruns.  As such the Metro Office of the Inspector General initiated a study to identify best practices for improving the planning, management, oversight, innovation, delivery processes, and accountability of major construction projects.  The audit bore fruit and served as a catalyst for positive changes in the agency’s program management process and approaches.

This paper will discuss how Los Angeles Metro improved its program and project management processes, and implemented policies, procedures and training programs concerning: improved risk management; project delivery method selections; conducting project readiness ‘stage gate’ reviews; and, sharing technical, financial and legal lessons learned across all capital projects within the enterprise. 

Julie Owen

DEO Program Management for LA Metro, Los Angeles

    Sean Regan 

    President for LGM International LLC

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