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Leaning Forward Career Series

Leaning Forward: Best Practices for a Successful Professional Career Series

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Leaning Forward Career Series: Live Sessions will be held via Zoom. 5 weekly sessions will be held Monday’s from 12-1 PM.

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From Getting Started to Thriving as a Supervisor

The demand for experienced and qualified professionals in the AEC industry is expanding quicker than anytime in the past 60 years.  Owners, consultants, contractors, and vendors will be vying for top-notch highly qualified professionals to meet their staffing demands.  Over the next ten years the “baby boomer” generation in the United States (those born 1946 – 1964) will have largely left full-time employment status resulting in significant opportunities for younger professionals to advance in their careers.  Will you be ready to move into positions of greater responsibility and further your career?

Our instructor, Michael J. Kaleda, P.E., delivers the program which is designed to put participants on a track to being ready for, and succeed in, those opportunities.  He is a career program/construction management executive with 40+ years of federal, state, and local government experience, managing military, school, and transportation projects.  He has a track record of organizing, leading, and managing teams to execute projects with favorable results.  He will cover material that every AEC professional needs to know to be successful, grow professionally, and advance in their career.

Leaning Forward Career Series consists of:

  • Getting started – what are the essential elements to establishing a career foundation?
    Module I topics include professional ethics and integrity, teamwork, visibility, initiative, and work/life balance.
  • Every successful professional spends time, outside of their job, “caring for and feeding” their career. 
    Under Module II you will learn continuous improvement strategies necessary to stand out from your peers.
  • Are you the communicator you need to be to persuade others to accept your ideas? 
    Module III focuses entirely on communication skills with an emphasis on public speaking and why pre-speech jitters are good for you.
  • Module IV content includes customer care, value-added contributions, and risk management.
  • Finally, based on feedback from previous program attendees Module V covers material you need to know before you move into a supervisor role.  You will learn why the skills needed to get you to this point are different from the skills needed to thrive as a supervisor.

Not sure this series is right for you? Watch our intro session here.

Ready to sign-up for our Leaning Forward Mentorship Program? Enroll today! Know another professional or company that may be interested? Don’t forget to share with them!

Michael Kaleda

Executive Director

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