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Is Climate Change a hoax?

Question for the Times: Is Climate Change a Hoax?

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The topic Is Climate Change a Hoax? has been studied extensively and politicized. What do the facts say about climate change? There are believers and deniers of the extent to which humans influence climate change, including global warming.

What is in a name? A lot, it turns out. The name reflects the scientific viewpoint and is used as a political football to be kicked around by believers and disbelievers. Believers in climate change see an opportunity to modify human behavior in order to protect the earth’s natural environment for future generations. Deniers call climate change a hoax or a scam, and a source of money for environmental opportunists. Both sides are proficient at stating statistics that support their stance. Who is right?

What you will learn
• Understand what climate change and global warming are
• Analyze facts presented in support of climate change and global warming
• Address the challenges of climate change
• Identify effects of climate change on health
• Identify steps that can be taken to minimize greenhouse gas emissions

Reflection Question: How would you address someone who strongly believes that climate change is a hoax? What evidence or points would you raise?
Meaningful Action: Share a credible article on climate change science with a climate skeptic.


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