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Giving you customers a window into your project data & information.

Giving you customers a window into your project data & information.

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Many of us will be used to providing our clients / customers with information and data for the project we are performing with & for them. These requests can be regular requirements or ad hoc requests.

With today’s technology there is another option – let your customer in.

Of course, this is done in a way to protect confidential information, e.g. financial margin.

But consider the benefits, not only in saved time of reduced report generation, but of built trust & improved cooperation as an enabler for successful project delivery for both you & your customers / clients.

At Baker Hughes our Customers are central to all that we do and therefore we have created our Portfolio, Programme and Project reporting platform to give the option access to our Customers to access the data & information that we use in our internal Project Management (with caveat exclusions).

Our presentation is not a sales pitch (we’re not a software company) but an example of how we do this and to provoke your thoughts on what you could do with & for your customers / clients.

Pedro Bureo

Program Manager – RealTrack – Strategic Programs & Initiatives for Baker Hughes

    Rod Whiting 

    Project Controls Transformation Leader for Baker Hughe

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