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Don’t be a Tourist: How to make your world travels experience sustainable

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No matter how you choose to get from point A to point B, all forms of transportation have an impact in terms of sustainability. Luckily for you, GBRI is here to help. We’ve assembled a guide to help you make the most sustainable travel choices this holiday season and beyond. In our Don’t be a Tourist guide, we’ll take a look at what sustainable travel is and uncover the history behind it. We will then discuss the major sustainability impacts of travel and what travelers can do to reduce their impact. Finally, we’ll review some destinations around the world that offer unique sustainable travel experiences.

What you will learn

  1. Understand what sustainable travel is and why it is important
  2. Analyze examples of sustainability practices across the world to determine positives and negatives
  3. Identify the impacts of travelling
  4. Identify the steps a tourist can take to reduce his carbon footprint

Reflection Question: Next time you travel, what sustainable practices will you implement?
Meaningful Action: Plan a 'staycation' exploring local natural and cultural landmarks while practicing sustainable tourism.

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