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Environmental sustainability / pet industry / fur baby

Because We’re Fur-Baby Crazy!

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This course reviews environmental sustainability in the pet industry. It discusses the status of the industry, the best practices of leading companies, and issues and challenges to advancing green efforts.

Environmental sustainability applies to every industry, including the pet industry. The pet industry for the sake of this discussion includes any enterprise offering products and services for pets – pet foods and supplies, pets for sale, veterinary services, and pet services such as dog walking, boarding kennels, and pet sitting. It further encompasses animal shelters because the shelters feed and care for millions of animals each year.

What you will learn

  1. Review the size of the pet industry
  2. Identify opportunities to implement environmental sustainability strategies in the pet industry value chain
  3. Analyze the environmental benefits associated with the greening of the pet industry
  4. Examine some of the best practices of forward-thinking pet industry companies
  5. Recognize the trends and challenges in the pet industry

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