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A Job WELL (Building Standard) Done!

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Well, well, well…. Another green building standard added to a growing list of building certification systems that include LEED, Parksmart, and TRUE. That said, the WELL Building Standard is different in that it connects the health and well-being of people inside the building. Join us as we review the elements of the WELL Building Standard, exam, and credential.


Green experts who develop building standards for environmentally sound structures continue to take their efforts to new levels to promote human health. The WELL Building Standard, first of its kind, is one of them. The certification standard’s features are linked to requirements for maintaining well human body systems. It is compatible with other certification systems like LEED. This course reviews the elements of the WELL Building Standard, exam, and credential. It explores what building types it addresses, the benefits of WELL, the relationship of the standard’s features to human body systems, and project certification steps.

What you will learn

  1. Learn the foundational concepts of the WELL Building Standard
  2. Learn about WELL v1 versus WELL v2
  3. Review the various elements of the WELL Building Standard versions
  4. Identify the human body systems related to the WELL Building Standard
  5. Analyze WELL Certification Steps and Process, including documentation requirements
  6. Explore the WELL AP credential including exam requirements

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