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10 Ways to assist the community in combating the COVID-19 pandemic in India

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With the Covid-19 surge in cases in India, there have been chaos and stress in every household. With news of a loved one suffering or passing away, with people feeling helpless on how to get the required help for people they care about; stressing if they’d be the next one who would be need assistance or if they would be the ones posting stories about their loved ones and resources to help them.

In times like this, it is necessary to feel scared but not let that fear affect our judgement. We can utilize our potential and achieve the greater good. Here are a few suggestions on how we can help the community in times of a pandemic ,Covid-19 in India:

  1. Follow the advisory: If there are restrictions where you are staying, then stay put. DO
    NOT go out unless it’s extremely necessary and you do not have any other way. WEAR MASK. It is not just to protect you but also to protect the people around you.
  2. Social interaction, keeping in mind physical distancing: Distancing does not imply
    cutting yourself from the community. In these difficult times, we have to stand
    together. Waving to your neighbour from the window or balcony, video calling your
    grandparents, etc. could help to infuse people with positivity and hope and keep us
    connected to each other.
  3. Check on your neighbours and family: Look after your neighbours, the elderly, people with mobility issues, medical conditions, keeping in mind the contactless approach. Help them and introduce them to the concept of shopping online if they are not familiar with it. Ask them if they need anything if you are to go out anyway.
  4. Create awareness among people that it is not something to be feared. Treatment is a
    possibility. Isolation is not a prison. Its protection. Well, precaution is better than
    cure, so it is better to adopt precautionary measures as much as we can.
  5. Look after the vulnerable section of the society who are alien to the concept of the
    internet and social media. They are the hardest hit in case of any calamity. Donate
    masks, sanitizers and supplies that are needed.
  6. Support local charities: Donate whatever you can to local charities working towards
    supporting the people in need. Assist in a fundraiser. (See our list of suggested non-profits below.)
  7. Meal program: For people in self-isolation, devise a way to get two weeks worth of
    healthy food supplies to get them back to health. Paying restaurants to prepare and
    provide meals to the needy and the vulnerable section of the society.
  8. Support frontline health workers: They are already doing their best. If you find any
    way to help them in things that they do not have time to do themselves just as an
    expression of gratitude, it would be amazing. Leaving a note with a positive message
    sounds good too.
  9. Take care of stray animals, and birds.
  10. Be Kind. Be considerate. Be a human. Not only towards others but to yourself as
    well. Keep your peace while staying informed. You cannot help others if you do not
    help yourself.

In partnership with I-Believe, we gbrionline.org  have compiled a list of suggested non-profits, you can also make a donation to a non-profit of your choice for this Covid-19 surge in India. Please feel free to also share the name of your preferred non-profit in the comments below.

US Based Non-Profit:

International Non-Profits:
Goonj Rahat Covid 2021
Hemkunt Foundation Corona Relief
KVN Foundation
Making the difference
Plan International
Give India
Goa COVID-19 Emergency Relief
Khaana Chahiye NGO, Mumbai
SWASTH Foundation
Feeding India by Zomato
Care India
Help Age India
New Light Kolkata

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