Ways to give back

GBRI’s team takes sustainability seriously.  We understand that each choice we make has an impact on our environment, and we know no contribution is too small. We love finding ways to get involved in big and small ways, at home, at work and in our communities.  We also hope to be a catalyst for action among others–like you!

Having a hard time identifying a way to jump in and get involved?  Here are some ideas!  Have others to add, we’d love to hear them.  Contact pathway@gbrionline.org today.

Grow your own!

Have you considered growing your own fruits and vegetables? Not only is gardening a great way to accessorize your outdoors, it’s also a perfect way to contribute to our environment.  We encourage you to spend a little time looking into native plants in your area that will have the opportunity to flourish in your specific climate while also being the most water efficient option.

Take a look at that footprint

Though there is far more to it than this, we encourage you to examine daily habits such as the use of disposable plastic items to actively try to minimize your footprint on this planet.  One of the biggest biohazards for the environment, plastic continues to pose major threats for the earth’s health, considering it’s practically impossible to completely destroy/decompose it without harming the environment.

Recycling works like magic. It makes something old, new again. Create crafts using recycled materials around your home and neighborhood! Cardboard, paper towel rolls and egg cartons can be repurposed into colorful decor with minimal energy. A quick internet search can open up countless ideas.


Why let the unconsumed food and leftovers go to waste? Put it to some incredible use by turning it into compost. The process of turning waste food such as fruits and vegetable peels, fallen leaves, etc. is easier than it may look. A little efforts can go a long way in helping the environment for ensuring a sustainable tomorrow.

Here are a few shots from the projects that GBRI’s team members have undertaken recently: