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Manika Garg

Position: Assistant Architect
Phone: +918171686339
Categories: Influencers
Location: Europe

InfluencerI always had a particular affinity for arts, and logical and sequential thinking and so in my pursuit of creative endeavors six years back I had chosen to pursue architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, INDIA. Since then I have been constantly exploring new
methods of creatively solving a question in hand.

Throughout my academic and professional journey, I’ve constantly explored innovative ways to approach design challenges, not only focusing on creating beautiful structures but also considering their impact on our environment. The realization of the substantial energy and resources consumed by the construction industry sparked my commitment to sustainable practices in architecture.

Currently, I am working with Diana Kellogg Architects, a New York-based firm that undertakes projects spanning across the globe with a strong emphasis on sustainability and social impact. One of the remarkable projects I’ve had the privilege to contribute to is the Rajkumari Ratnavali Girls School in Jaisalmer. This project exemplifies the commitment to improving education in an area with a historically low literacy rate, emphasizing the transformative power of education and community engagement.

As an aspiring influencer at GBRI, I am excited to share my journey, insights, and experiences in the world of sustainable architecture. Through engaging content and thoughtful discussions, I aim to inspire others to join the movement towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future in the built environment.

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