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Ashwini Dharmarajan

Position: Senior Project Manager, WELL AP
Categories: Partners
Location: N. America

PartnerDriven by a deep passion for nature and a commitment to environmental stewardship, I am embarking on a purpose-driven career transition into the field of sustainability. With over six years of project and program management experience in the construction industry, I am eager to embrace new challenges and collaborate with like-minded professionals dedicated to safeguarding our planet’s future. By leveraging both my project management proficiency and my innate passion for nature, I would like to be an advocate for sustainability, driving tangible and beneficial change.

By joining GBRI as a Sustainability and Social Impact Partner, I look forward to learn and improve my knowledge of the key areas of sustainability (starting right from the basics to exploring all the domains), connect and learn from professionals who are actively contributing to the Sustainable Development initiatives and find ways to apply my knowledge into practice to create a result-driven positive impact in the society. I also look forward to sharing my knowledge and lessons learnt with the wider audience to the best of my abilities.

Through GBRI’s sustainability education courses and connections, I look forward to moving a step further in my journey to become a sustainability advocate.

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