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According to USGBC, “Continuing education or “CE” hours are the hours LEED professionals spend in credential maintenance activities. CE hours are calculated differently depending on the activity.” For more information on what activities qualify for CE hours, please visit: https://www.gbrionline.org/are-you-looking-for-aia-and-leed-ce-hours/
All LEED-accredited professionals are required to complete Continuing Education (CE) hours every 2 years. LEED Green Associates must complete 15 CE hours every two years, and 3 of the 15 CE hours must be LEED Specific. LEED APs must complete 30 CE hours every two years and 6 of the 30 CE hours must be related to their specialty. For more information about earning CE hours, visit: https://www.gbrionline.org/5-ways-to-earn-your-leed-aia-ce-hours-without-breaking-your-bank/
There are a variety of ways to earn LEED CE hours. Check out our info-graphic “5 Ways to Earn Your LEED & AIA CE Hours Without Breaking Your Bank” by visiting: https://www.gbrionline.org/5-ways-to-earn-your-leed-aia-ce-hours-without-breaking-your-bank/
LEED specific hours must meet specific content requirements and must examine at least one of the following:
  • process-related to LEED,
  • credit- or category-related, such as dealing with requirements, intents or version comparisons,
  • an in-depth, technical LEED update,
  • an in-depth LEED project case study targeted toward a specific LEED credit,
  • a best practice lesson that entails successful or unsuccessful implementation of LEED, or
  • show benefits of using LEED (return on investment, grants, taxes or incentives).
LEED General hours are usually more basic when discussing a specific topic.
To determine when your reporting period ends you can log onto your USGBC Credentials page. http://www.usgbc.org/account/credentials
You can self-report your CE hours from your USGBC Credentials page or have us automatically report the CE hours on your behalf. To have us automatically report your CE hours please make sure you have updated your reporting information here.

Our audio-visual courses are approved by GBCI & AIA. We also have flipbooks (articles) which need to be self-reported for CE credit. We will provide you with all the details needed to successfully self-report these credits.

If you still have any questions that are not answered yet, please contact our support team!

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