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Sustainability Should Not Have Any Boundaries

Fulfill All Of Your LEED, WELL, & AIA CE In One Place Without Breaking The Bank!

Fulfill All Of Your LEED, WELL, & AIA CE In One Place & Without Breaking The Bank!

Only buy with a money back guarantee when completing your CE!

Whether you just need a few CE hours, LEED specific content or AIA HSW LUs, we have it all! GBRI’s LEED, WELL and AIA memberships aim to help you stay competitive by arming you with the basic tools, techniques and knowledge you need, while fulfilling your LEED CE, AIA LU/HSW and WELL CE requirements.  Our courses are USGBC & AIA approved and tailored to meet the requirements of the LEED & WELL credential maintenance program for LEED Green Associates, LEED APs with specialty, Legacy APs transitioning to the specialty system and WELL APs. 

With more than 250 course videos, articles and training materials, Learning Hub@GBRI redefines sustainability. Gain access to LEED specific hours, WELL specific hours, & AIA HSW LUs with one of our membership options! We also offer automatic reporting to GBCI and AIA upon course completion.

Interested in earning a new credential? Explore our exam prep or platinum membership options.

Designed for students, licensed professionals, educators, and companies, our platform offers not only an inexpensive way to achieve your CE hours but also creates a diverse community —allowing you to network, connect and collaborate with experts and professionals.

Accessible on all platforms and devices, you will get instant access to your CE courses. Whether you are looking to advance your career or earn CE hours, get started today with a membership!

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Save yourself the extra step of reporting completed courses with our complementary auto-reporting to GBCI & AIA, included with your Membership!


Complete your online courses with our easy to navigate platform that makes CE easier than ever before.


Guaranteed to meet the CE needs of a LEED AP or WELL, our Gold Membership will provide you with exactly what you need to complete your CMP, all with a money back guarantee.


Developed by industry leaders with years of real world LEED & WELL experience.


Instant access to your exam prep material on all platforms and devices​.

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Questions And Answers

Our courses have been reviewed by USGBC and AIA to guarantee that the information presented is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant for green building industry professionals. Only approved courses can be automatically reported for you to AIA and USGBC. 

Yes! You may earn all 15 (for Green Associates) or 30 (for LEED APs & WELL APs) CE hours through GBRI’s education courses. We have a variety of courses (more than 250 CE hours) and membership options to suit your individual needs, interests, and career path.

No. Live, on-demand courses and articles carry equal weight for your LEED or WELL credential maintenance, and you do not need to complete all types to maintain your LEED or WELL credential. Some other professional accreditations may require live course participation, please check with the organizations which you are a member of for their specific requirements.


No. While you may use project participation hours to maintain your LEED credential, you are not required to earn any hours through project participation. 

Our pre-approved courses (live and on-demand) qualify for auto-reporting which means we can report your hours to GBCI and AIA on your behalf.. Free courses and articles can be self-reported with the information provided after successful completion.

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Sustainability education should not have any boundaries!

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