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Why is the role of the Risk Manager changing so quickly?

Why is the role of the Risk Manager changing so quickly?

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The role of a risk manager is changing quickly as risk process itself changes to capture the efficiencies of new technology and best practice approaches.

Effective discovery, qualification, and mitigation of Risks is fundamental to any complex project in any sector, and non more so than the Nuclear sector. It is an unfortunate fact that many risk professionals are so busy collecting basic data and preparing risk analytics against tight time constraints, that they cannot spend an effective amount of time understanding the implications of the analytics. And cannot allow time to prepare visualizations to explain the impact and sensitivity of risks on possible mitigation strategies for stakeholders. Mike Wilson will explain how he has used best practice risk processes in one of the largest UK Nuclear projects to win back time in his role – and how he has used that time to improve the effectiveness of decision making for both himself and his stakeholders.

Mike Wilson

Head of Risk Management for Prima Uno, Ltd

    Richard Wood

    CEO for Safran Software Solutions

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