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WELL AP Exam prep LIVE

WELL AP V2 Exam Prep: Live Session 4- Oct-Nov 2024

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Study with a WELL Faculty or On Your Own: Your Path to WELL AP Success

Ready to boost your credentials with the prestigious WELL AP certification? Let us guide you on a journey to earning your WELL AP Credential in as little as 6 weeks. We understand that your schedule and learning style are unique, so we offer options that fit your preferences.

Join our esteemed WELL Faculty members for interactive live exam prep sessions, starting on Oct 03, 2024. These 6 live sessions, each lasting 2 hours, will be conducted online via Zoom at 12 PM Eastern Time on the following dates: October 10 | October 17 | October 24 | October  31 | November 07 and 14. . 6 weeks course, considering a break between sessions for preparation and marketing

But that’s not all—choose the learning style that suits you best. If our timetable doesn’t align with your schedule, opt for our self-paced, on-demand exam prep modules, allowing you to complete the program at your own pace in just 5 weeks. Alternatively, engage in our structured 6-week online live sessions.

With you every step of the way

from the first lesson to your successful WELL AP accreditation.


Expert Faculty Guidance

Our All-inclusive WELL AP Exam Preparation program provides you with access to experienced WELL Faculty members who will guide you through every aspect of the exam preparation.


Flexibility and Easy Access

Tailor your study experience to your schedule. Whether you prefer structured live sessions or self-paced learning, we offer options that suit your unique needs and preferences.


Everything You Need To Succeed

Self-Paced Modules, Highlighted WELL Building Standard, a WhatsApp Study Group, 400+ Practice Questions, and 3 Mock Exams to master the WELL AP exam content.

The Pursuit of Well-Being and Sustainable Human Environments is a Global Imperative

The worldwide shift towards wellness and sustainability isn’t just a phase—it’s a long-term commitment affecting how we design and interact with the spaces we occupy. As a testament to its significance, the global health and wellness industry is a staggering 4.2 trillion-dollar market. This reflects a growing demand for spaces that not only protect the environment but also enhance human health. Becoming a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) places you at the cusp of this transformative and booming initiative.

GBRI's All-Inclusive WELL v2 AP Exam Preparation Program – Everything You Need to Succeed

Designed to streamline your journey to becoming a WELL AP, this program is your all-in-one resource. Just like with our LEED package, you don’t need any other materials to prepare for your WELL AP Exam. Your pathway to a fulfilling career in the wellness and sustainability sector begins here. Choose the learning style that suits you best: complete the program at your own pace in just 5 weeks with our on-demand modules or engage in our structured 6-week online live sessions.

Learning Objectives

WELL Core Concepts Mastery

Acquire an in-depth understanding of the  knowledge domains critical to WELL AP exam— Air, Water, Nourishment,  Sound, Materials, Mind, Community, Movement, Light, and Thermal Comfort.

Understanding WELL Requirements:

Master the nuances of each WELL domain, equipping you to expertly navigate WELL project registration, documentation, and certification procedures.

Project Scenario Proficiency

Our program includes project scenario-based questions similar to those on the WELL AP exam, equipping you with the skills to approach real-world project scenarios with confidence.

Live Project Application
The curriculum incorporates a live project to illuminate WELL concepts, making the learning experience practical and directly applicable to real-world situations.
Exam Strategy Training
Develop efficient strategies for exam-taking, including time management, question analysis, and elimination techniques, to optimize your performance during the WELL AP exam.
Comprehensive Preparation
Utilize GBRI's flexible roadmap, designed for either a quick 5-week on-demand course or a structured 6-week live online session, aligning your preparation with the WELL AP exam’s content and format.

How it all works together:

We’ve crafted a comprehensive study roadmap to guide your WELL AP exam preparation. By following a clear and systematic approach, you can effectively tailor your study habits to your personal needs. Choose the learning style that suits you best: complete the program at your own pace in just 5 weeks with our on-demand modules or engage in our structured 6-week online live sessions.



What you have access to:

Self-Paced Online Modules
Accessible 24/7 in your portal, these 12 modules offer 11 total hours of education covering the entire WELL v2 Building Standard, WELL LEED knowledge domains.
Highlighted WELL Building Standard
Focus on what matters most, saving you time and boosting your exam preparedness. This printable guide complements the online modules, enhancing your understanding as you progress.
WhatsApp Study Group

Join our interactive community of GBRI instructors, IT team, and fellow students. Exchange knowledge, ask questions, and find mutual support as you prepare for your exam.

400+ Practice Questions + 3 Mock Exams

Practice Questions to assess your comprehension after each module, coupled with 3 WELL AP Mock Exams that serve as invaluable simulations to evaluate your preparedness

Program Tuition Fees:

Investing in your future has never been so accessible. GBRI, a minority-owned small business, is committed to broadening access to sustainability education.

This option includes live online sessions along with on-demand access to course materials.

This option provides access to on-demand course materials for self-paced learning.

Experience GBRI's WELL AP Exam Preparation – Try Module 1 for Free!


Still unsure if this exam prep series is the right fit for you? No worries! You can watch the first session for FREE, giving you the opportunity to try it before making a commitment.

Are you curious about what GBRI’s All-Inclusive WELL Exam Preparation Package has to offer? We invite you to explore Module 1 completely free for a 15-day trial period.

This exclusive access allows you to:

Experience Our Teaching Style: Engage with our expert instructors and interactive learning materials.

Explore Key Concepts: Delve into essential topics that form the foundation of the WELL Building Standard.

Make an Informed Decision: Ensure that our course aligns with your learning preferences and career goals.

There’s no obligation, and no credit card is required. Simply click here to start your 15-day free trial, and embark on a transformative journey and make your dream of becoming a WELL AP a reality!

Meet Your WELL AP Exam Prep Instructors

Douglas Leaffer

Doug Leaffer – PhD

Position: LEED Green Associate, WELL AP, WELL FACULTY
Phone: +19789737654
Email: [email protected]
Categories: LEED GA Exam Prep Instructor, Partners, WELL Instructor, WELL-LIVE
Location: N. America

PartnerDoug Leaffer is a Tenured Assoc. Professor of Engineering and Physics at NECC (USA-Massachusetts), and a PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Environmental Health) at Tufts University (USA-Massachusetts), where he earned an MSCE (Civil/Environmental). Professor Leaffer’s research interest is environmental/transportation noise and air quality impacts to population health. He has lectured on diverse topics including sensor technologies, air pollution, and climate change at conferences and universities internationally. Doug is certified as an EIT, PG, WELL AP, WELL Faculty, LEED Green Associate and has global business experience in 50 countries on 5 continents.


Doug Leaffer is a Tenured Assoc. Professor of Engineering and…


Miranda Anderson

Position: WELL AP, WELL Faculty, LEED AP BD+C
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Influencers, Partners, WELL Instructor, WELL-LIVE
Location: N. America


Miranda Anderson is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Interior Architecture and Design program at the University of Idaho. With over 25 years in the architecture and interior design industries, she is an NCIDQ certificate holder, LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP BD+C), WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP), and a WELL Faculty member with the International WELL Building Institute.

As a design educator, Miranda has received award recognition including a national Teaching Excellence Award and a University Mid-Career Faculty Award. She holds a Master of Architecture degree and specializes in design decision-making for healthy interior environments with emphasis in materials for sustainability and well-being, materials and meaning, and adaptive reuse/historic preservation.

Prior to teaching, Miranda spent eight years in private practice as a project manager, designer, and LEED AP on a variety of commercial and residential projects throughout the Northwest U.S


Miranda Anderson is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of…

Carolina Wernicke, WELL AP

Carolina Wernicke

Position: Sustainability Consultant, Architect, LEED AP & WELL AP
Phone: +13465600654
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Influencers, LEED GA Exam Prep Instructor, Partners, WELL Instructor, WELL-LIVE
Location: N. America

InfluencerPartnerCarolina Wernicke is an architect and sustainability consultant who collaborates independently with a leading design and construction firm in LATAM. She specializes in assisting clients in achieving international certifications, enabling them to align with their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals. Carolina’s work focuses on sustainability, promoting the well-being of building occupants, and enhancing corporate reputation and practices.
Leveraging her expertise, Carolina has adeptly applied her LEED AP and WELL AP certifications. Since 2019, she has actively participated in projects spanning LATAM, overseeing the implementation of requisite measures to meet these certification criteria while upholding her clients’ commitments.
Carolina obtained her architectural degree from the Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Design at Argentina’s National University in Rosario (UNR). With an extensive background in commercial and hospitality design and construction, she continues to make significant contributions to the industry.

Sustainability Consultant, Architect, LEED AP & WELL AP

Carolina Wernicke is an architect and sustainability consultant who collaborates…

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