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Using BIM for project control and monitoring

Using BIM for project control and monitoring

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BIM is experiencing a high level of development in the project stage and even in the planning stage. However, it still does not find its true potential for monitoring and controlling the execution of projects, firstly because it is necessary to first walk the path in the previous stages, having adequate models and processes, and also, possibly, because there is no commercial software to serve as a reference for these tasks.

The resentation describes a case emphasizing control systems based on BIM, seeking a comprehensive digitization of the project and execution process.

The criteria used for the realization of the 3D model, the obtaining of the 5D cost models and 4D planning oriented to their later use are described. As well as and how to organize a cost and time tracking system based on the information available in the model and how to provide feedback.

Fernando Valderrama

Consultant for RIB Spain

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