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Trending Forward: Green Strides in Housing and Development

Trending Forward: Green Strides in Housing and Development

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Much has been written about sustainable neighborhoods – the environmental benefits they introduce, the social and health impacts they bring to residents, and the economic impact that they have on the surrounding cities and regions. One drawback to these dense, connected neighborhoods that can be overlooked, however, is the high cost of living in these types of neighborhoods necessary?


Join us as we provide an overview of how affordable housing ties into sustainable development, and explore how the Housing New York plan is addressing ambitious affordable housing goals. We will discuss specific sustainability goals, as well as funding mechanisms such as Sustainable Neighborhood Bonds.

What You Will learn

  1. Describe how affordable housing is important to sustainable neighborhoods
  2. Discuss the Housing New York plan’s affordable housing goals
  3. Identify several strategies to increase affordable housing options
  4. Describe how Sustainable Neighborhood Bonds work to encourage sustainable affordable development.

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