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The Museum of Tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow – A Case Study

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The Museum of Tomorrow is a science museum in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The currently most-visited museum in Brazil has been selected for its unique design, use of local resources and innovative exhibits. The Museum’s sustainable architecture reflects the function of the museum and is constructed primarily from local materials. We will start with understanding what sustainable design is and identify the AIA COTE measures of sustainable design. For this course, we will use the AIA measures of sustainable design as a lens so to speak to identify, explore and understand some of the strategies employed to achieve the sustainability goals set out for the project. This project is also LEED platinum certified and hence we will look at the score card and identify the points it has earned under the LEED credit categories.

What you will learn

  • Understand what sustainable design is
  • Identify the AIA COTE measures of sustainable design and LEED credit categories
  • Analyze each measure of AIA COTE sustainable design through project specific examples as it relates to museum of Tomorrow project
  • Identify and understand some of the strategies employed by the museum of tomorrow to achieve the sustainability goals set out for the project.

1 thought on “The Museum of Tomorrow – A Case Study”

  1. I did study about the Museum Of Tomorrow while pursuing Architecture but reading this case study with such detailed descriptions and examples helped me understand this much clearly.
    I wish I had read this course back in my college days as it would have definitely come in handy!

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