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The Have’s VS. The Have Not’s

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The global rates of poverty and hunger are closely tied to agriculture, the main source of employment for the world’s poor. This course provides an overview of the complex relationship of poverty and agriculture, and the role of technology and environmental sustainability practices in reducing poverty and hunger.


Much focus is placed on South Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa where poverty rates remain high. The solutions are proving to be as complex as the problem, but many organizations are working on different strategies that achieve human and environmental goals at the same time.

What you will learn

  1. Provide an overview of global poverty and hunger
  2. Explain the complexity of poverty and finding solutions
  3. Describe the two areas where extreme poverty is highest: South Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa
  4. Connect poverty and agricultural practices
  5. Define ongoing efforts to develop agricultural practices that reduce poverty and increase environmental sustainability
  6. Clarify the role of technology in assisting smallholder farmers with improving their economic status

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