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GBRI K-12 Students Sustainability Education

The Future Of Energy—An Educator’s Toolkit

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Change the world around you and take your teaching career to the next level!

Creating an equitable community starts at the school and as an educator, you are in the perfect position to positively influence your students. And with the current state of the climate and our ongoing fossil energy crisis, the planet and our communities are in dire need of a change—that change will come from classrooms.

GBRI has partnered with the Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Resource Management Council (EERMC) to create a training curriculum for educators. We have utilized the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Rhode Island curriculum to create multiple live online (Zoom) trainings, in-person training sessions, and self paced on-demand video tutorials to equip educators with everything they’ll need to know about energy, its use, complications around production, environmental and social impacts, and possible solutions around it.

Earn 3 hours of continuing education by attending the training live in RI, live online or watch it on-demand at your convenience.

Looking for more CE hours? Educators can earn up to 16 FREE CE hours through additional on-demand training and a GBRI climate change ambassador badge.

Make energy education immersive with a customizable curriculum

GBRI provides a customizable curriculum for educators along with interactive activities, student engagement ideas, PowerPoint presentations, and on-demand video presentations that can be used in and outside of classrooms. Educators may download, and customize the PowerPoint presentations, interactive activities and gamified events to make education about energy interesting, and fun for students.


View our list of our upcoming live online and in-person sessions here.

4 thoughts on “The Future Of Energy—An Educator’s Toolkit”

    1. Hello Glory,
      Currently, we are having to go through a verification process due to a high volume of customers trying to claim gift cards even though they do not qualify because they are not Rhode Island educators. Shortly we are going to ask for one of several means of verification from participants in order to process these rewards to those who qualify.
      We do apologize for this delay and inconvenience to all qualified participants but hope you will be understanding and patient with us as we try to ensure only qualified participants get rewarded.

  1. I took this course, and I am a Rhode Island educator. It was stated ” As a thank you for successful completion of our energy training we are rewarding Rhode Island educators who complete their training prior to December 8th 2022 with a $75 Amazon gift card.” How do I claim this gift card? I am seeing that they are “100% utilized” now but was expecting one based on the written statement above from the website. Does this mean that I will not get one? If so this is very misleading.

    1. Hello Paul,
      I would be happy to assist you with this. Our Amazon gift cards were offered on a first come first serve basis, it looks like since you were seeing the note about the gift cards being 100% utilized that means we do not have anymore gift cards available. For those who completed the survey while we still had gift cards we are working to verify their status as an educator in Rhode Island. In the event we are unable to verify someone, that gift cards would go to the next person in line.

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at felicia.fuller@gbrionline.org.

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