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Sustainable Urbanization: Is Asia Prepared?

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As one spans the world on the journey of existence, one “must see” continent which tops the list is Asia. Not only does it boast delectable cuisine for even the most finicky eater, its tourism industry is among the best in the world.


Coupled with its extraordinary commercial export leadership, Asia is rapidly assuming its rightful place in the world’s economic system. Join us as we examine Asia’s megacities and the need for sustainable urbanization.

What you will learn

  1. Define and explore the meaning of megacities and the components thereof
  2. Examine Asia’s megacities and the need for sustainable urbanization
  3. Master the drivers of Asia’s megacities
  4. Understand the implications and impacts of unplanned city growth
  5. Study and gain an awareness of Asian cities focused on planned sustainable development – Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City; Masdar City in Abu Dhabi; Amaravati, India
  6. Learn the innovative approaches to developing green cities
  7. Recognize the importance of sustainability principles to solving some of Asia’s challenges associated with the growth of megacities

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