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RPCuk Solution Sets accelerate deployment of Oracle Primavera tools and software

RPCuk Solution Sets accelerate deployment of Oracle Primavera tools and software

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RPCuk has developed a range of Solution Sets that enable clients to make the most of their Oracle Primavera software tools in the shortest possible time and with the minimum investment. Even complex and bespoke implementations can be up and running in a matter of a few months, because the solutions are 80 per cent already built, with the remainder left to be tailored to each individual client to meet their own specific needs – really making the most of the configurable nature of the products.

Chris explains the range of solution sets built by RPCuk, how they can be tailored to clients as part of a product deployment and how they can revolutionise ROI and productivity. These include solutions for:

• Earned Value Management
• Strategic Risk Management
• Project Controls
• Cost Management
• Asset Care

In addition, John will introduce new developments in:

• Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
• EVM Cloud
• NEC4 Contract management

Find out what’s new and what’s coming next in RPCuk’s innovative Oracle Primavera software deployment.

Chris Woodbridge

Business Development Executive for RPCuk

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