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Rethinking Project Controls Software: How to Meet the Challenges of Megaproject Mega Data

Rethinking Project Controls Software: How to Meet the Challenges of Megaproject Mega Data

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Despite the scale of its megaprojects and the billions of investment dollars at risk, the global construction and engineering sector to this point has yet to fully embrace digital transformation and associated technologies that can reduce costs, mitigate risk, drive transparency and improve collaboration across the entire project lifecycle.

But this is starting to change. At the heart of this modernisation is integrated project control software, which can satisfy stakeholder demands for real-time access to consistent and trusted data to make faster, better decisions. Today’s project controls leaders recognize the value of connected data — not just for use in design and planning, but also out in the field and then back in the boardroom.

In this session, you’ll hear from leaders of one of the largest – and most innovative – megaprojects in Australia, Sydney Water and InEight. Supplying more than 1.5 billion litres of water to more than five million people, Sydney Water has embarked on a multi-billion-dollar megaproject framework, Partnering for Success (P4S). As a collaborative framework, P4S is the first megaproject in Australia to use the NEC4 suite of contracts. P4S includes three regional delivery consortia, comprising 13 of Australia’s leading design and delivery organisations for public sector infrastructure and capital projects.

The sheer scale of this megaproject requires a thoroughly modern approach to project controls and sharing of information through all phases of the project — from pre-planning through design, construction, and finally to ongoing operations.

The speakers will cover:

How to quantify the value of data in mega projects
How an integrated project controls platform facilitates better sharing of data to guide decision making and improve project outcomes
The areas of risk that benefit most from an integrated project controls approach and how such an approach can dramatically reduce these risks by providing a single source of project truth
The key challenges faced by capital project design and delivery organizations when replacing legacy point solutions and the best practices for overcoming them
The best techniques for sharing project data from the field to the boardroom
Accommodating workflows – incorporating best practice in configuration decisions
Why your connected data strategy needs to “start with the end in mind”

Mark Simister

Head of Program Delivery for Sydney Water

    Rob Bryant 

    Executive Vice President - Asia pacific for InEight

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