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Reimagining Resilience: Navigating the Intersection of Climate Change, Food Security, and the Built Environment

Reimagining Resilience: Navigating the Intersection of Climate Change, Food Security, and the Built Environment

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Please Note: We have listed this article course Reimagining Resilience: Navigating the Intersection of Climate Change, Food Security, and the Built Environment as a flipbook on this page .It is for those interested in auditing the course/lesson. Please enroll in the course or get a Platinum membership and access all our courses at your leisure. This way you can report this course for Continuing Education (CE) or need a certificate. Enrolled students must take and pass the short quiz in order to earn CE credits. In addition, this course needs to be self-reported. Self-reporting information will be accessible once you complete the Quiz.

Explore the intersections of climate change, food security, and the built environment in this comprehensive course. Delve into the challenges and opportunities that lie at the crossroads of these critical domains, and discover how building professionals can contribute to fostering a food-secure and climate-resilient future.

The quest for sustenance and shelter resonates through the annals of human history, embodying not just our basic necessities but also the aspiration for happiness and wellbeing. As we transitioned through epochs, the reverence for nature that once dictated our agricultural endeavors has been overshadowed by actions that now endanger the climate and, consequently, our food systems. The climate crisis reverberates through our food supply chains, threatening to sever the age-old bond between the soil and the soul, with its manifestations starkly visible—shrinking water reservoirs, scorching heatwaves, and erratic weather patterns. Yet, amidst these challenges lies an opportunity for resilience and innovation. This course embarks on a journey to unravel the intricacies of climate change impacts on agriculture and food security, geographical disparities, and the pivotal role of the built environment and building professionals in mitigating these adversities. Through a multidisciplinary lens, discover how sustainable and resilient built environments can navigate the tempest of climate change and food insecurity, striving towards a harmonized existence that secures our basic needs and the loftier pursuit of happiness and wellbeing.

What you will learn

  • Understand the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Security:
    Analyze how climate change affects agricultural productivity and explore its repercussions on global food security.
  • Identify Geographical Disparities and Future Implications:
    Recognize the disproportionate impact of climate change on different regions and understand the long-term threats to food supply and security.
  • Explore the Role of the Built Environment:
    Examine the interconnections between the built environment, climate change, and food security, and discover how building design and urban planning can contribute to resilience.
  • Discover Strategies for Building Professionals:
    Explore strategies such as water and waste management, urban agriculture, and resilient design that building professionals can employ to enhance food security and climate resilience.
  • Advocate for Policy and Collaborative Approaches:
    Learn about the importance of policy advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration in fostering a food-secure and climate-resilient future, and how building professionals can engage in these efforts.
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