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Project scope development, essential for success

Project scope development, essential for success

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It is not uncommon in projects that when delivering the built asset to the end customer, it is received as a comment: “this is not what we thought we were going to have.”

Definitely, something happened during the elaboration of the scope that prevented that the requirements of the stakeholders were not clearly established and formalized, or that when it was developed, the deliverables were not sufficiently described.

A structured scope development process is key to avoiding misunderstandings during the process of converting these requirements into the project scope. With this process we can convert the project basis (objectives, restrictions, assumptions) into key documents of the project scope, mainly the WBS. A proper scope is fundamental to develop the execution strategy (or the famous PEP – Project Execution Plan).

Using a real-life example of the mining industry, this conference will see key aspects of the development of the scope, to become a guiding document, and why not, of support for the project team.

Jose Caceres

Planning Supervisor for Chinalco Mining

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