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Project Data Integration: Enabling the Future with EcoSys Connect

Project Data Integration: Enabling the Future with EcoSys Connect

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We’ve heard it before: Silos of information. Manual processes. Inefficiency. Errors. Lack of control. But when critical information comes together, it unlocks the potential we seek – from data-centric progress measurement to cost predictability to regular and systemic achievement of financial and strategic goals. Yet this too is often complicated. Up to 40% of the time and effort of an enterprise software implementation can be dedicated to this endeavor.

In this session, we highlight developments in data integration, where we’re headed and how to build autonomy into your systems. We’ll showcase EcoSys Connect, a modern, cloud-enabled, integration solution. It leverages the same “no code” configurability that’s a hallmark of the EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance platform. You’ll see how creating robust, bi-directional integrations has never been faster, easier or more cost effective.

Jean Luc Ozoux 

Senior Industry Consultant for Hexagon

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