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Power Me Up Scotty: Global Nuclear Options as Green Energy

Power Me Up Scotty: Global Nuclear Options as Green Energy

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The world is dealing with a host of issues that are stressing the environment and people. Addressing the critical issues means addressing energy production and its relationship to environmental sustainability, climate change, and the economic security of people. Inherent therein, nuclear power generation has a rightful place in the discussion.

What You Will learn

  1. Review how nuclear power is generated
  2. Evaluate the status of nuclear power in the United States and globally
  3. Discuss the positioning of global nuclear power facilities
  4. Examine the advanced Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technologies
  5. Present the state-of-the-art SMRs in development at two energy technology companies
  6. Offer a broad view of the barriers to the more rapid development of nuclear power
  7. Consider the future of nuclear power

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