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Namaste LEED: Sustainability, Green Buildings and LEED

Namaste LEED: Sustainability, Green Buildings and LEED

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Are you new to sustainability, green building and LEED, or looking for a refresher? You are in the right place!

“Namaste LEED: Sustainability, Green Buildings and LEED” is designed to educate you about the impact of our built environment on people, planet and profit along with introducing us to the world sustainability, and how it applies to the built environment. This course is ideal for building professionals and students seeking to learn the fundamentals of sustainability and how these principles can be applied to the built environment. Our built environment has a great impact on people, the planet and profitability. We’ll take a look at how building green is a force for change and how you can use your talents to get involved in the green movement! We’ll also introduce you to the different green building rating systems, the green building process, the cost of building green and also take a look at several case studies to show how rating systems such as LEED play a role in the green movement.

Educating ourselves, embracing change and being advocates of change are the first steps to finding solutions to the problems associated with our built environment. You can’t learn anything if you think you know it already. Let’s open our minds, realize that no matter how much we know, there is nearly an infinite amount that we still don’t know. Join us as we present” Namaste LEED: Sustainability, Green Buildings and LEED”

What you will learn

  1. Understand the fundamentals of sustainability
  2. Explore the role of green buildings in sustainability, understand the benefits and distinguish the green building process
  3. Analyze the LEED rating system and how it addresses environmental issues
  4. Identify the key components of the LEED certification process
  5. Get inspired from a green building casestudy

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