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International Sustainability Program (ISP) | 2023

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Congratulations on your admission to our International Sustainability Program (ISP)!
We are thrilled to welcome you to our community and look forward to the unique contributions we know you will make.
We will use this page to provide you with access to program material. Please start at the top of your list of available material & work your way down. As material becomes available to you it will be added at the bottom of your list.
Track 1/Semester 1 – Sustainability Scholar
Leading to an International Sustainability Scholar, Track 1/ Semester 1 consists of self-paced courses and online live classes taught over Zoom, that will prepare you to become a Climate Change Ambassador and earn the IGBC AP and LEED Green Associate credentials.

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    International Sustainability Program 2023 - Leaderboard

    Congratulations to our top 10 ISP students!

    # Avatar Name ISP 2023- Points
    1 Soori M Sahib 1240
    2 Revathi Sreekumar 1225
    3 Samyukta Vijay 1180
    4 Abhilash Pusapally 1155
    5 Hameed Jasir K S M 1120
    6 Meera Mohan 1105
    7 Ateet Singh 1105
    8 Naveen Djegadissane 1090
    9 Mohamed Fendi 1070
    10 FAISAL K 1060
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    The journey to become a sustainability guru begins here!
    Jeslin Varghese

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