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Innovation and Digital Transformations driven the future of construction: trends and perspectives

Innovation and Digital Transformations driven the future of construction: trends and perspectives

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In the construction industry, innovation and digital transformation are key drivers for designing the future. They can help on the creation of short-term value, as productivity and cost reduction, to move to adjacent markets or even to create completely new business models for the long term. This presentation will provide the most used innovation and digital transformation models, trends and perspectives and how the construction industry is reinventing itself for the new normal, sharing best practices and relevant cases. Models of growth by innovation, such as:

Organic programs, where Organic innovation is almost always achieved by talent acquisition and R&D capabilities. Organic strategies used to be part of the traditional businesses.

Collaboration programs, Collaboration with partners, suppliers and ecosystem – from startups to other companies to co-innovate e bring new offers to the Market.

Investment programs, Develop Corporate Venturing Capital as Core Competency to allow the organization to find, incubate and invest in new opportunities of growth. Could also brig to financial gains and acquisition opportunities.

Buy programs, Develop a strategy focused on M&A in innovation for acquiring capabilities, Products and Technologies that unblock new sources of revenues and grow. The cultural adoption will be a key factor for the well succeed integration of the deals.

Glaucia Guarcello

Innovation and Digital Transformation Director for Deloitte

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