Improving Public Procurement by Applying Principles of Project Control

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Bryan Payne
Deema Tuffaha 
·Published on:August 5, 2021

    Public project procurement is a costly, lengthy, and generally unpleasant process. Although project managers may plan for procurement of the project builder in the overall project schedule, the detailed contracting process is often opaque. This leaves the project manager’s schedule at the mercy of the contracting process and the contracting officer. Public agency contracting officers do not in general plan procurements like projects but treat procurement as an administrative process that must be endured by the project manager. However, by applying the principles of project control the procurement process may be transformed from a gnostic process to a transparent sub-project that may be tracked and measured like any other phase in an overall project.

    This paper will examine how planning, scheduling, and monitoring procurements like projects have resulted in substantial savings in cost and time to public owners.

    Bryan Payne

    Principal Claims Analyst for Arcadis

      Deema Tuffaha 

      Senior Claims Analyst for Arcadis

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