Importance of Diversity, and Inclusion for continuous innovation in Project Controls

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Ijeoma Samuel 
·Published on:August 4, 2021

    Project Controls Innovation has been at the heart of multiple innovations and technological advancement over several decades. Such innovations relies on talents and teams playing a huge part to deliver great inventions innovations. To survive the next decade and beyond, it is crucial to invest now into building a diverse and inclusive workforce. The future of Project controls relies on attracting and retaining the best talents who will drive future innovations.

    This presentation will be delivered as a fireside chat on how everyone can make inclusion an everyday reality in Project Controls and beyond. It will draw on the experiences and expertise of Chirag Shah (a Powerhouse in Project Controls Recruitment), Amal Khawaja (a Project Controls Engineer and ED&I leader) and IJ Samuel (a PMO Trailblazer and Inclusive Leader).

    Imagine what the future could look if we collectively invest in inclusive processes to attract and retain talents from under-represented backgrounds?

    Ijeoma Samuel 

    Associate Director for Turner & Townsend

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