Implementing the RPCuk Rapid Application Development approach

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Peter Neill
·Published on:July 23, 2021

    Overview of the RPCuk Rapid Application Development Approach

    When designing and implementing a complex Project Controls solution, RPCuk’s Rapid Prototyping approach, or Rapid Application Development (RAD), offers an agile and efficient way of working to complete a successful implementation in the shortest possible time.

    In this presentation we will outline how our RAD approach progresses through the incremental stages from Discovery to Closure, working towards full functionality in the most time-efficient way possible.

    Deeper dive into the Design & Build Sprints

    Repeated iterations of design, build, workshop testing and feedback allow any operational issues to be identified and corrected in the early stages, giving clients the confidence that go-live and roll-out to their organisation will be a smooth and simple process, with no last-minute surprises. The RAD approach not only minimises risk, but also expedites your ROI and allows you to offer user training in manageable, phased stages. 

    Case Study

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, an industry leading project solutions client in the water and waste-water industry had an urgent requirement to implement Oracle Primavera EPPM in readiness for a new contract. Time was of the essence, as the system had to be built and configured prior to the contract starting and could not wait until the pandemic was over. The RAD approach combined with remote access technology enabled RPCuk to successfully work with the client to carry out the implementation within the challenging schedule.

    Peter Neill

    Director for TPG The Project Group UK Ltd and Ireland Ltd.

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