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IGBC AP Mock exam

IGBC-AP Simulated Mock Exam

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Interested in becoming IGBC AP or IGBC AP – Associate? But not feeling confident enough to take the exam?

GBRI’s IGBC-AP simulated Mock Exam provides students with a preview of the IGBC-AP examination experience. Just like the real IGBC exam, GBRI’s test software and interface simulates the exam environment by timing the exam and drawing the questions randomly from a pool of questions representing an exam category.

Increase your chances of passing the IGBC-AP exam in your first attempt. The mock exams will greatly help you if you are planning to take the IGBC AP or IGBC AP-Associate Exam. These are timed to help you familiarize with the exam environment and pressures. Similarly it will help you to get a grasp of the exam format. Also the  difficulty level and the type of questions asked.

The IGBC AP examination is not based on any specific IGBC rating system. Meanwhile it also tests the candidates understanding of green building design & construction concepts and certification processes.

The IGBC exam consists of 110 multiple-choice questions. Also each of which is worth one mark. The exam will take 90 minutes to complete. Candidates must obtain a minimum of 85 points to be considered successful. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

The IGBC exam is divided into 4 sections:

1 : Green Building Design & Construction (50 questions)
2 : Building Standards & Codes (15 questions)
3 : IGBC Resources and Processes (15 questions)
4 : Green Design Strategies & Impacts (30 questions)

Students will have the ability to review the questions and re-take the mock exam as many times as they want to.


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