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How a leading American Oil & Gas company turned global crisis into an engine of successful transformation

How a leading American Oil & Gas company turned global crisis into an engine of successful transformation

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The presentation is about a global systems and process company (based out of US), offering solutions in the oil, gas, water and power markets. They are currently a leader in natural gas processing and treatment and compression products and services, providing critical midstream infrastructure solutions to customers throughout the world.

Following one of the last Oil & Gas downturns, they embarked on a strategic initiative to transform their leadership in compression, process, water and treatment solutions by venturing into system business, by bringing the four solutions in an integrated offering for its customer. They also wanted to:

Standardize process to manage projects and move away from their semi-automatic monitoring processes (with regional offices and manufacturing facilities across the globe and with each office following its own procedures)
Avoid incurring additional cost by leveraging its global workforce specialized in multiple domain across multiple projects
Extend its efficiencies in Product based business process to also support project centric execution model.
Bring visibility to each layer of the company management, the benefits from such transition with KPI’s on On-Time delivery, Deliverable quality, External Partner Efficiency, and Resource Productivity
They decided to drastically reduce their operations in Middle East, in favour of outsourcing to vendors who became their “virtual team”. They employed a single, local resource whose role was to coordinate and manage these various vendors – outsourcing key areas of work to this external virtual network of freelancers and avoiding the need to rebuild their in-house teams.

To solve the problem of ensuring consistency for work outsourced to this external vendor network, the company swiftly moved their operations to the virtual space by setting up a global online collaboration and project control platform on which vendors, consultants, and in-house teams would interact. The platform enabled them to deploy uniform process across the organization, facilitated engineering re-use and provided real-time visibility to global operations.

The strategy succeeded, and the company has now decided to expand this approach to other areas within their global operations.

Varghese Daniel 

CEO for Wrench Solutions

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