Digital Building Lifecycle – The Emerging Digital Frontier of the Built Asset Industry

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Salla Eckhardt 
·Published on:August 2, 2021

    The built asset industry is preparing for its next digital leap as the emerging digital twins framework is maturing for industry applications. Building Information Models as the digital assets, Building Information Modeling as a process, and Building Information Management as a knowledge management scope are making a come-back. The industry is ready for re-alignment of the data centric approach, and finally equipped for delivering the digital truth.

    The industry that has been obsessed with archived record drawings is now in front of transformational change. With the end in mind approach, the industry is now beginning to obsess about data driven innovation and application of information clusters as preventative or predictive way of working. Cost-estimating is transforming into cost-engineering, reactive maintenance is becoming proactive maintenance and predictive operations.

    To enable to change and support the change management or organizations, the digital building lifecycle is emerging as the shared framework. It is about integrating solutions, accumulating reliable data, and democratizing information for people as decision makers. The shift is from record data management to real-time data optimization and end-user harmonization. Although stakeholders are welcomed to the same platform, the digital experience might be different. It all depends on what is your end in mind.

    Salla Eckhardt 

    Director of Transformation Services | Global Real Estate & Security, Center of Innovation for Microsoft

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