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Coastal Resilience Part 2: Rain or Shine

Coastal Resilience Part 2: Rain or Shine

In Part two, will investigate natural methods of coastal protection, learn about an innovative new rating system for waterfronts the Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines (WEDG), dive into some real life examples of coastal protection, and discuss the importance community resilience in coastal areas.

Coastal Resilience Part 1: Troubled Waters

Coastal Resilience Part 1: Troubled Waters

In part one of this course, we will define resilience, examine the impact of climate change on coastal communities, discuss the different types of risk that coastal communities face and investigate standard engineered coastal protection methods.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

A Basic Run Down on Green Stormwater Infrastructure Part 2

In this course, we focus on the use of green infrastructure systems to manage stormwater run-off from urban and agricultural areas. We discuss how natural water cycles are disrupted by land-use change and how green stormwater infrastructure systems can be a cost-effect solution to mitigate water pollution while providing co-benefits to local communities. Objectives Learn …

A Basic Run Down on Green Stormwater Infrastructure Part 2 Read More »

Indoor Water Efficiency

Indoor Water Efficiency

This course explains and analyzes different indoor water efficiency strategies measures and technologies.

Advanced Stormwater Strategies: Flattening the Learning Curve

This presentation will look into the various legal issues regarding stormwater management and what may be mandatory in the future. We will also look at advanced stormwater management strategies like environmental site design, rainwater harvesting, and treatment trains.

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