A Basic Run Down on Green Stormwater Infrastructure Part 1

·Published on:April 20, 2021
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Green Infrastructure was a part of human society long before the term green infrastructure was coined, but it is becoming an increasingly important tool as our population grows and land-use change threatens the natural areas we rely on for essential ecosystem services. In this course, we focus on the use of green infrastructure systems to manage stormwater run-off from urban and agricultural areas. We discuss how natural water cycles are disrupted by land-use change and how green stormwater infrastructure systems can be a cost-effect solution to mitigate water pollution while providing co-benefits to local communities.

Course Objectives

  • Define green infrastructure
  • Investigate how natural water cycles have changed due to development
  • Understand the difference between combined sewer systems, separate sewer systems, and direct drainage areas
  • Explore how GSI can be used to improve water quality while providing co-benefits to local communities


Watch A Basic Run Down on Green Stormwater Infrastructure Part 2 here.


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    Felicia Fuller, Director of Operations, holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting and Design with emphasis on engineering drawing, architectural drawing, and 3D modeling. Felicia is a LEED Green Associate with more than 8 years of valuable industry knowledge. Experienced in leading staff members and evaluating project progress and data Felicia works hands-on with many of GBRI’s projects. Felicia also holds the position of Compliance Director for GBRI partner i-Believe (501c(3)). Felicia is passionate about sustainability and enjoys sharing her passion for sustainability with others – specially her children.

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