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Author name: Tamanna

Raised in the well-planned city of Chandigarh, Tamanna developed a passion for architecture at a young age. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Architecture and Building Sciences from Chandigarh College of Architecture. During the course, She won a scholarship along with the K.I.A. Building Tomorrow Award.Before being a part of GRBI, Tamanna interned with Swatt | Miers Architects, California, where she worked on various projects ranging from single-family residential houses to 68-unit hillside sustainable residential development. She was also a part of the Digital India Land Recording Modernisation Program in collaboration with the Chandigarh administration.Passionate about design, Tamanna believes in simplicity and material honesty while humanising architecture. She is very driven and determined to make a positive difference through design. She believes that architecture holds more power than just being visually appealing and can support the community while captivating the spirit of its context.In her free time, Tamanna enjoys rowing, and she won a Gold Medal in the National Sub-junior Competition, India. She also loves to paint, play the guitar or go off-roading to relax her mind. She finds herself fascinated to capture the beauty of various cities with her camera. Motivated to solve problems, she believes that every obstacle in life is an opportunity to learn.

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