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Please read this license agreement in its entirety before proceeding. Use of your license indicates acknowledgement and acceptance of the conditions outlined here.

YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON ENTITLED TO USE THIS ACCOUNT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS LICENCE.  You are encouraged to access your GBRI content on any of your preferred devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with internet access. GBRI owns all content accessed through your license.  The content is protected by state, federal and international intellectual property laws. GBRI reserves all rights not expressly mentioned in this license agreement. You are unauthorized to utilize any content of GBRI’s for commercial or non-personal use without written authorization from our management. Unauthorized use of the content accessed through your license will result in a termination of your account and other legal penalties as applicable.

GBRI makes every effort to make your content available online at all times through your on-demand portal, however we are unable to guarantee 100% uptime given unforeseeable issues outside of our control.

You are not authorized to share access/login information, share or distribute content, modify content, resell, sublicense or transfer your license in anyway without written consent from GBRI. This includes copying any content (continuing education, training AND exam preparation materials included) for any reason.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. THE FOLLOWING LIMITS SOME OF YOUR RIGHTS, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO BRING A LAWSUIT IN COURT. By accepting this License, both you and GBRI agree that all claims or disputes between us of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in any way related to GBRI content and this License Agreement will be submitted to binding arbitration if demanded by either party. The arbitration will be handled by the American Arbitration Association and governed by its rules. This License requiring arbitration (if demanded) is still fully binding even if a class action is filed in which you would be a class representative or member.

If you do not agree with these conditions and would prefer not to use your license, please contact GBRI at pathway@gbrionline.org right away for assistance in a partial or full refund.

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