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The Future of Energy: An Educator's Toolkit

Inspire your students to build a better, brighter future!
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Change the world around you and take your teaching career to the next level!

Creating an equitable community starts at the school and as an educator, you are in the perfect position to positively influence your students. And with the current state of the climate and our ongoing fossil energy crisis, the planet and our communities are in dire need of a change—that change will come from classrooms.

GBRI has partnered with the Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Resource Management Council (EERMC) to create a training curriculum for educators. We have utilized the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Rhode Island curriculum to create multiple live online (Zoom) trainings, in-person training sessions, and self-paced on-demand video tutorials to equip educators with everything they’ll need to know about energy, its use, complications around production, environmental and social impacts, and possible solutions around it. 

Earn 3 hours of continuing education by attending the training live in RI, live online, or watch it on-demand at your convenience. Looking for more CE hours? Educators can earn up to 16 FREE CE hours through additional on-demand training and a GBRI climate change ambassador badge.

Teacher Incentive Energy Training

Enroll Now & Get a $75 Amazon Gift Card – while supplies last!

As a ‘thank you’ for successful completion of our energy training we are rewarding Rhode Island educators who complete their training prior to December 8, 2022, with a $75 Amazon gift card. Use the gift card to buy supplies for your class to support energy education or as desired.

Gift cards are only available to educators in Rhode Island.

> Enroll below to reserve your gift card! (Quantities are limited)

Download event flyer & FAQ sheet here.

An educator’s guide to the future of energy

GBRI Climate Change Ambassador

Through this Energy Curriculum training, GBRI and the state of Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Resource Management Council has created an opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of students and create a positive change in the state.

Our expert instructors have experience training educators and cover topics such as:

  • The basics of energy: what is energy and why do we need it?
  • The complications that plague the current energy production.
  • The impacts of current energy production and who is affected by it.
  • How individuals and communities can make a difference by producing and using energy differently.

GBRI’s Energy Training consists of five major sections:

Section 1

What is Energy?

Section 2

Why Do We Need Energy?

Section 3

Who Is Affected & What Are the Current Compilations of Energy Production and Use.

Section 4

Where Can the Impacts of Current Energy Production Methods Be Seen

Section 5

How Can We Improve Energy Production and Usage.

Make energy education immersive with a customizable curriculum

GBRI provides a customizable curriculum for educators along with interactive activities, student engagement ideas, PowerPoint presentations, and on-demand video presentations that can be used in and outside of classrooms. Educators may download, and customize the PowerPoint presentations, interactive activities, and gamified events to make education about energy interesting, and fun for students.

Why are educators enrolling for the Energy training sessions?

Apart from having a passion for sustainability, educators understand the significance and urgency of current energy issues, including the importance of creating awareness among students on complications surrounding energy production, climate change, energy justice and energy equity and engage students in meaningful actions, and be part of the solution. In additions, educators enjoy the benefits offered, like:
  • 3 hours of continuing education credits per session (in-person, online/live, or on-demand) and with a potential to earn up to 16 more hours.
  • Access to the energy curriculum toolkit (customizable PowerPoint slides and materials for future use in classrooms)
  • Creative short videos to share with students and social media
  • Course certificate and socially shareable energy equity badge
  • $75 Amazon gift card on completion

Not only will these training sessions transform your career, but also make you a leader of change and keep students well-informed to tackle the challenges of our future.

3 Continuing Education Hours

On-demand or Live Online

Expert Speakers

Certificate of Completion

Free Access For Educators In Rhode Island

Rhode Island Specific Energy Curriculum

Gamified Events

Fully Customizable Curriculum

Interactive Activities & Student Engagement Ideas

Amazon Gift Card

Who Should Join:

If you are a Rhode Island educator, we need you!
GBRI has partnered with the RI Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council to provide FREE energy efficiency training for educators in Rhode Island.
Whether its teaching about energy efficiency, climate change or social equity – educators play a crucial role in molding children to be part of an ever-changing world. Empowered educators have proven to not only lead by example but also lay the groundwork for the generational shift we need today.

Upcoming Rhode Island Sessions:

The Future of Energy: An Educator's Toolkit

This energy training is intended for educators in Rhode Island.

Choose one of the sessions below and earn 3 Continuing Education Credits.
Download event flyer & FAQ sheet here.

On-Demand Access
Unable to join us live? Register for on-demand access and watch whenever is best for you!
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Live Online Zoom Session
Join us live online at 6:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern Time!
Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Unable to join us live? Register for on-demand only access.

On-demand access is automatically included with the registration of any live online or in-person session.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Rhode Island educator, we need you! Help empower students on energy, sustainability, mindfulness, social equity, green buildings, and more!
This program provides courses, articles, and resources, news and events, and stories of change for educators. Teachers will have access to our customizable sustainability school curriculum for K-12 students. Make sustainability education accessible to students worldwide!
  • Earn 3 CE hours (potential to earn 16 CE hours with our on-demand material)
  • Free access to our fully customizable energy-focused curriculum
  • Rhode Island specific NEED Energy Curriculum
  • Interactive activities & student engagement ideas
  • Certificate of completion
  • Teacher incentives – Amazon gift card

No, you can choose whichever session works best for you or watch the material on-demand. Educators will earn 3 CE hours for each session they join (live online or on-demand).

To reserve a gift card register for one of our live online or complete the training on-demand before December 8, 2022. Gift cards only available for educators in Rhode Island and are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

To receive the gift card please register & attend one of our live online or on-demand sessions prior to December 8, 2022. Upon successful completion of our simple exit survey your gift card will be sent via email within 24 business hours.

For those who complete the material on-demand, the survey link will be available along with your certificate of completion once you have completed all our energy training.

There is no catch! Register and complete one of our live online or on-demand sessions prior to December 8, 2022 . Registration is completely free – no credit card required, and includes access to all mentioned items, including the Amazon gift card. Upon successful completion of our energy training a certificate of completion & simple exit survey will be sent. Amazon gift cards will be sent via email within 24 business hours of completing your exit survey. Gift cards are only available to Rhode Island educators who complete their training prior to December 8, 2022 .

You can use the gift card to buy supplies to support energy education in your classroom or utilize it for your other needs. Whatever you choose to spend your gift card on, we’d love to see pictures of how you are utilizing it in your classroom!

The on-demand material can be accessed at any time from your GBRI on-demand account. Your account login details were sent shortly after course registration. To reset your account password, please click here.

No problem! All our live sessions also include access to our on-demand material. The on-demand material can be accessed from your GBRI account at your convenience.
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