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Joan Tabinas

Joan Tabinas

Position: Director
Phone: +6582996860
Categories: Partners
Location: ASEAN

PartnerArch Joan De Leon-Tabinas, stands out as a visionary presence in the world of sustainability-focused architecture. With a diverse portfolio spanning Asia Pacific, India, China, and the Middle East, she holds a postgraduate degree in Integrated Sustainable Design from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a LEED Professional.
As the Co-founder and Director of Green Building Experts Pte Ltd (GBuildEX), she champions green and sustainability education with a core philosophy of Educate, Engage, Enable, and Empower (4Es). She’s also the driving force behind CORE+, an enterprise promoting architectural and engineering excellence for sustainable workflows. Concurrently, Arch Tabinas founded CORE360 Solutions, Centre of Resilience Environmental Experts, embodying her commitment to merging ecological design with human needs for genuine sustainability.
Her visionary leadership continues to shape groundbreaking sustainable developments in Asia and the Middle East. In the Philippines, she leads the PEZA Innovation and Business Centre project, seamlessly blending innovation, and sustainability. She serves as Chief Planner and Sustainability Strategist for a 45-hectare Agro-Eco Tourism project in Antipolo, Rizal. Additionally, Arch Tabinas consults on sustainability for the Loboc, Bohol Re-Development, and Majayjay, Laguna Heritage Conservation Project, showcasing her versatility.
Beyond her projects, Joan De Leon-Tabinas leaves a legacy through her written works, including titles like “CORE 360° Systemic Thinking: the core of sustainability,” “The Economics of Sustainability,” and “Sustainability Quadrants.” Her dedication and expertise underscore her belief that sustainability isn’t a choice but an essential part of the norm.

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