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Electric Vehicles (EV) Training program

Start date: September 27, 2023
End date: September 29, 2023
Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Online

Get ready to supercharge your knowledge and ignite your career in electric vehicles (EV)!

Join our cutting-edge EV training program, where you’ll immerse yourself in the latest transportation electrification advancements and industry insights. Become the leader in your field!

Module 1 – Transportation Electrification (TE) Basics (3 Hours)

Module 2 – Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment (EVCE) Site Feasibility (3 Hours)

Module 3 – EVCE Installation & Managed Charging (3 Hours)

Over the course of 9 intensive hours, our expert instructors will empower you with the tools and expertise to excel in the dynamic world of electric mobility. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your future.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon completion of each module

Register now and embark on an exciting journey towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow!

Training is available free of charge to New York State residents who are working directly or indirectly on electric vehicle charging equipment (EVCE) installations or similar projects, or who may be involved in these or similar projects at their organization in the future. Candidates must apply using their work email and employer domain name to confirm eligibility. Eligible participants will have the training costs fully subsidized by NYSERDA.

Organizations who have 20 students complete the course (all 3 modules), are eligible to receive a free site feasibility assessment from our team of engineering professionals. You may contact [email protected] if you’d like to coordinate a unique training session specifically for your team.

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