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Suzlon One Earth : A Case Study

Suzlon One Earth : A Case Study

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Suzlon One Earth in Chennai, India is designed and built to draw attention to the fact that we have only one Earth and we need to preserve it for a sustainable future. In keeping with the One Earth theme, the names of functional blocks in the campus represent the five elements of nature. Living the motto of the company, ‘powering a greener tomorrow’, Architect Christopher Charles Benninger relied exclusively on non-toxic and recycled materials.  

One Suzlon is a LEED India Platinum certified project and GRIHA Five Star certified campus.  Other notable sustainability key performance indicators at Suzlon one earth include 60% reduction in water consumption, 90% of daylit spaces, 47% energy savings and about 85% of waste has been recycled and diverted from landfills.

Join us as we explore this green campus one of the few in India that uses 100% renewable energy.

Suzlon One Earth – India- A Case Study is also part of GBRI’s IGBC Exam Prep which is available for FREE with student scholarships at gbrionline.org

What will you learn

    • Understand the design philosophy that reinforces the belief that co-existence and responsible use of natural resources as a way to achieve sustainability.
    • Recognize the challenges faced by the team in not only selecting the site for this campus but also the stakeholders.
    • Analyze each category of sustainable design through project specific examples
    • Identify and understand some of the strategies employed by One Suzlon Earth to achieve sustainability goals

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