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Sustainable Olympics: A Gold Medal Winner

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What started as an ancient festival in Greece, the Olympic games have become a modern international sports phenomenon, encompassing astonishing displays of athleticism, sportsmanship and national pride. However, the Olympic games are more than just athletic events and medal counts. What people may not realize is the lasting impression the Olympics leaves not only on the world but also on the host city’s economy, their people and the planet. This course explores the sustainability components within the Olympics games and analyzes which components are served and which are not.

What you will learn

  1. Understand the history of Olympics and it’s role on humanity
  2. Identify how Olympics play a role in sustainability
  3. Identify IOC’s sustainability guidelines
  4. Analyze past Olympics games to gauge it’s sustainability impact
  5. Discuss ideas that could be emulated for future Olympic games

1 thought on “Sustainable Olympics: A Gold Medal Winner”

  1. Is this course worth 1.5 CE Hours or 1 CE Hour? The course description on this page says “1.5CE Hours” but the certificate says this course says 1 CE Hour, and the GBRI Staff is reporting this course as 1 CE Hour.

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