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New United States Courthouse Case Study

New United States Courthouse – A Case Study

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Case study on New United States Courthouse, a 10-story building is a LEED v2009 Platinum certified and meets the GSA’s 2020 energy objective. It is Located in Los Angeles and built by Skidmore and Owings & Merrill LLP architects. Watershed management is a huge importance in California and the droughts the state experiences. The building collects the rain water .They uses it in and around their building for various purposes. Natural light is one of the largest and most impressive features of this building. Skylights are placed all around and above the building to let in as much daylight as possible. The building minimizes heat gain from the hot southern California climate. The panels generate massive amounts of carbon-free energy annually. Both passive and active sustainability make this building into what it is today. To find out more, check out our page and join our online audio-visual tour of Case study on New United States Courthouse.

What you will learn

  1. Identify and understand the AIA COTE measures of sustainable design.
  2. Analyze each measure of sustainable design through project specific examples .Because it relates to the US Court House Project in Los Angeles.
  3. Identify and recognize how the US Court House Project in Los Angeles addresses social equity .This is by using the sustainable measure of community and ecology .  Also how it actively fosters learning through environmental living.
  4. Identify and understand some of the strategies .It is employed by the US Court House Project in Los Angeles. This is to achieve the sustainability goals set out for the project.

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