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San Francisco Art Institute Fort Myers - A Case Study

San Francisco Art Institute Fort Myers – A Case Study

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Sustainable, green buildings are rising in popularity. We’ve compiled this list of 100 stunning and innovative green building projects. This is to educate and grow in our attempts to make the world a greener home for all of us as part of our case study series . Another building has been historically transformed to serve as an educational building .This is for university students at the San Francisco Art Institute. So formerly an Army warehouse, it has been aesthetically and sustainably changed for new use. The institute is built for energy efficiency and uses 83% less energy than benchmark sustainability buildings. Hence there are large windows for optimal daylight and thermal walls to reduce heat and cold from the inside of the building. Also this keeps the building temperature controlled and energy efficient . The building has both natural and mechanical ventilation for proper air quality. It exceeds the standards for sustainable buildings of the future, expected to be made by 2030. To find out more, check out our page and join our online audio-visual tour of the building.

What you will learn

  1. Identify and understand the AIA COTE measures of sustainable design.
  2. Analyze each measure of sustainable design through project specific examples as it relates to the San Francisco Art Institute- Fort Mason Center.
  3. Using the sustainable measure of community and ecology, identify and recognize how San Francisco Art Institute- Fort Mason Center project addresses social equity and how it actively fosters learning through environmental living.
  4. Identify and understand some of the strategies employed by the San Francisco Art Institute- Fort Mason Center to achieve the sustainability goals set out for the project.

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