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LEED v4 Project Implementation

Are you Ready for LEED v4? Learn, Analyze and Master LEED v4 rating system in a month by working on an actual LEED v4 project and earn 15 CE Hours approved by GBCI and AIA. Need more hours? Try PI+ (30 ce hours) 

Product Description

The LEED v4 rating system has improved dramatically. Get ready for LEED v4 with GBRI’s Project implementation Course Series. Get access for 2 Years and stay armed with easy to use tools, sample v4 forms and examples, this 4-week online course series is a must-have for Architects, Engineers and Project Managers. Utilizing an actual LEED v4 BD+C project, this course walks through credit requirements, reference standards, implementation strategies, and documentation guidelines, while also highlighting the changes from the previous version of LEED. This course is ideal for LEED APs looking for practical experience working on an actual LEED v4 project.  This course series is approved for 15 GBCI/ AIA LUs including 6 LEED Specific BD+C Hours


Wednesdays from 12-2 pm CST beginning the first Wednesday of every month


Course Agenda 

  • Week 1: LEED Process – We will walk through the key foundational concepts that LEED APs need to grasp in order to maximize the success of a project including the rating system selection, Minimum Program Requirements, Integrative process, and more, as well as credit analysis of the LT category. Student exercise – Research and Feasibility of a credit
  • Week 2: Credit by credit analysis – SS & WE. Student exercise – Water Budget Calculation
  • Week 3: Credit by credit analysis – EA. 
  • Week 4: Credit by credit analysis – MR & IEQ. 


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