Greening America’s Transportation Infrastructure: Where do we Start?

Join us as GBRI senior Research Associate Paul Johan-Seim explores this topic in detail.
Paul Johan-Seim
·Published on:November 27, 2017
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According to a World Economic Forum study America’s infrastructure has got worse, by comparison with other countries, over the past decade. Overall, the US has gone from a 5th place to a 24th place in the World Economic Forum’s ranking between 2002 and 2011. In order to make the US more competitive for businesses, the infrastructure investments are crucial. Several indirect jobs are created due to these investments, as well as the increase of the consumption index. While re-building America’s infrastructure – can we look at sustainable options? Are there existing frameworks or rating systems like LEED for transportation infrastructure?

Join us as GBRI senior Research Associate Paul Johan-Seim explores this topic in detail.

What you will learn

  1. Analyze the current state of US infrastructure as it relates to transportation
  2. Explore sustainable options for re-building the transportation infrastructure
  3. Analyze green rating systems such as Envision and Invest
  4. Learn from Case studies

About Instructor


Felicia Fuller, Director of Operations, holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting and Design with emphasis on engineering drawing, architectural drawing, and 3D modeling. Felicia is a LEED Green Associate with more than 8 years of valuable industry knowledge. Experienced in leading staff members and evaluating project progress and data Felicia works hands-on with many of GBRI’s projects. Felicia also holds the position of Compliance Director for GBRI partner i-Believe (501c(3)). Felicia is passionate about sustainability and enjoys sharing her passion for sustainability with others – specially her children.

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