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From Blueprint to Wellness: A Guide to LEED and WELL Crosswalks

From Blueprint to Wellness: A Guide to LEED and WELL Crosswalks

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Please Note: We have listed this article course as a flipbook on this page .It is for those interested in auditing the course/lesson. Please enroll in the course or get a Platinum membership and access all our courses at your leisure. This way you can report this course for Continuing Education (CE) or need a certificate. Enrolled students must take and pass the short quiz in order to earn CE credits. In addition, this course needs to be self-reported. Self-reporting information will be accessible once you complete the Quiz.

“From Blueprint to Wellness: A Guide to LEED and WELL Crosswalks” is a mini-article course that offers a comprehensive overview of the synergies between LEED and WELL certification frameworks. This course equips professionals with the insights and tools necessary for efficiently navigating dual certifications, with a focus on resource-efficient and health-promoting design.

“From Blueprint to Wellness: A Guide to LEED and WELL Crosswalks” serves as a vital bridge between two prominent frameworks in the realm of sustainable and health-promoting built environments: LEED and WELL. Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to these standards, this course will enable you to understand the fundamental components of both the LEED and WELL v2 frameworks. It uncovers high-level synergies that streamline the process for dual certifications and guides you through the streamlined documentation requirements. The course zeroes in on Building Design + Construction (BD+C) and Interior Design + Construction (ID+C), leveraging the LEED + WELL Streamlined Certification Process Guide and Crosswalks. To enhance practical application, the course includes a real-world case study: San Francisco’s Harvey Milk Terminal 1, an exemplary project that achieved both LEED and WELL certifications. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in using the crosswalk documents, enabling you to contribute to projects that seek dual certification and thereby enhance both environmental sustainability and human well-being.

What will you learn

  1. Understand the Fundamental Components of both the LEED and WELL Building Standards.
  2. Grasp the Overarching Synergies between the LEED and WELL Certification Frameworks.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with the Crosswalk Documents between LEED BD+C and ID+C (v4 and v4.1) and WELL v2, and Learn How to Utilize Them Effectively.
  4. Examine the LEED + WELL Streamlined Certification Process Guide, with an Emphasis on the Project Lifecycle from Registration Through Dual Certification.
  5. Apply Knowledge of Synergies between LEED and WELL by Using a Real-world Case Study for Practical Understanding.
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